Tank Stars Mod Apk v1.5.5 (Unlimited Money)

Tank Stars Mod Apk v1.5.5 (Unlimited Money)

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Android 5.0 and up

Download the latest version of Tank Stars Mod, for android and prove your worth in the ‘battles of the tanks’ by emerging victorious.



Be the scripter of your own destiny and commandeer your tank to victory. You are equipped with your own tank and are able to choose from a massive collection of weapons. Eliminate your opponent before they eliminate you.

In this war-oriented action game, you will be thrown into the midst of action. One on one action will determine your fate as it is either you or your opponent. It’s the last one standing as there are no captives in this game so give it your all.

Play against computers and prove your worth or you can go head to head against some of the world’s best players of Tank Stars and fight with them. This multiplayer game ensures that no matter where you are, you will always have access to jam packed action. Don’t worry about internet connectivity as the game works perfectly, with or without internet.

Action, Fun and much more

Tank Stars is a perfect go-to destination for anyone who is looking for some action, blasts and war oriented mobile gaming. It is an inspirational outcome of the game ‘Worms’ which was a massive success in PC gaming.
Tank Stars follow one simple rule, ‘kill or be killed’. You are tasked with killing the other tank by equipping your tank with some of the deadliest weapons out there. You can have a simple missile or even an atomic bomb, there’s no stopping. The choice for weapons is limitless and you can have anything in the realm of missiles, bombs, and lasers. Once you have fully upgraded your weapons, you can have access to unlimited power.

Tips and Tricks

In order to excel in this game, you need to get ahead of the opponent, and you can do that by following a simple set of tips that would give you an edge on the battlefield.

Having the right weapon:

This is probably the most important part of this game. All the tanks have similar characteristics and there’s only one thing that sets them apart; the weapon they have. It is your job to find the perfect combination of tank and weapon out there and once you’ve got that figured out, there is no stopping you whatsoever.


Once you’ve found your holy grail, its best to upgrade it to the maximum capacity so that you can have more power installed in it and make your enemies shiver with fear.

Getting chests:

In order to upgrade your tanks’ weapons, you need to get cards which are available from chests. Chests are gained by watching ads, so it is recommended that you watch ads and get chests so that upgradation is possible and fast.

Tournament mode:

You will be faced with multiple tanks at once and now the best option to win is to select a tank and weapon that deal the most area damage. This way you can take down more than one tank simultaneously.


Tank Stars Mod Apk

Tank Stars Mod Apk takes you inside the world of epic battles, where your get to leave your mark. Features of this game include multiple game modes such as PVP, Multiplayer and Tournament Mode. If you are looking for exuberating game, look no further because Tank Stars got you covered.

Tank Stars Mod Feature: Unlimited Money

Why wait for all those ads and chests when you can download the Tank Stars Mod Apk Unlimited Money, where there are no ads, no waiting, only winning. You will get tons of diamonds in the game, if you download the unlimited money apk. Main features include:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No ads

Tank Stars Mod Apk Download:

So what’s stopping you from ruling the world of Tank Stars? Download Tank Stars Mod Apk on android for free and make your enemy think twice before jumping down in the battlefield against you.

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