Minecraft APK v1.16.201.01

Minecraft APK v1.16.201.01

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Varies with device
Varies with device

Want to explore the vast world of blocks? Create your secret lair. Fight with the mobs. Craft deadly weapons and prosper in the world of Minecraft now.



Minecraft was earlier released as a PC beta in 2009 before releasing worldwide in 2011. Players worldwide play and stream this game, making it the most popular open-world arcade game ever.

Explore limitlessly and build everything from the smallest homes to the largest palaces. Create, explore, and survive as you play the game.

There are various Minecraft APK that have come out over the years. Players all around the world have found multiple ways to play this fantastic game. Moreover, it’s their creativity that has given rise to more features and modes.

Features of Minecraft APK

Players explore a block-like 3D world with limitless terrain. They are free to build, scavenge, mine, and attack in the game. Additionally, numerous game modes give the player an option on how to play.

It is one of the biggest games out there, and it is also the holder of numerous awards for the most popular game. Minecraft APK for PC also helps children know about various things from an educational perspective. Especially in computing systems, because computers and hardware have a lot to do with it. Mojang also developed several spin-off games like Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth. In 2014, tech giant Microsoft bought Minecraft from its previous owners, Mojang, for a whopping 2.5 million USD.

The gameplay of Minecraft APK

The most amazing part about Minecraft is the freedom of the players to explore anything they want. You can do numerous different activities in this game. However, there is a reward system to measure your progress. The game starts from a third-person perspective, but you can choose to switch between first and third-person gameplay.


Players have to mine items for buildings things, which is where the crux of the Minecraft gameplay lies. It revolves around picking up and placing 3D objects found. Many commentators have described this game as unrealistic. However, the amount of fun that you can have while playing this game is immeasurable. That is the main reason so many Minecraft streams are available on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

When starting a new game, players have to choose one mode to play. Not only that, but there are also levels of difficulty (4) on an increasing scale. When you increase the difficulty, the damage you take will also increase. Moreover, it has other specific effects on gameplay, building, and survival.

Game modes in Minecraft

  • Survival Mode: Monsters spawn around the player’s location, which requires them to take shelter at night. Players have to gather resources to craft things. There is a health bar that reduces the damage you take. Not only that, but there is also a hunger bar that players have to consider.
  • Hardcore mode is just like the survival mode with the highest difficulty. You will lose all your progress if you die in hardcore mode. You can only play the hardcore mode with the Java edition of the game.
  • Players have easy access to resources and items in the creative mode. They are allowed to float across the world in the air. This mode indeed helps the players in creating and crafting useful items without any disturbances.
  • Adventure mode is explicitly designed for access to user-made custom maps and adventures. The gameplay is similar to survival mode, but there are certain restrictions. The creator of the map applies the restrictions.
  • Spectator mode gives players the freedom to fly through blocks and items but not get involved in the gameplay. There is no inventory in this mode, but teleporting increases the fun to a great extent. They can also view the game from somebody else’s perspective.

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