Kingdom Wars Apk v1.6.5.4

Kingdom Wars Apk v1.6.5.4

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Android 4.1 and up

Download Kingdom Wars Apk to save the kingdom by using various characters and making new strategies against the enemies. Be prepared to get into wars against their armies.

Description of Kingdom Wars

This strategic game allows you to command a military of warriors to save and defend your empire from goblins, ghosts, and other creatures. You have been looking for more than 400 flooded phases in which you will battle for your empire. The main mission in Kingdom Wars is to find out a suitable combat plan to kill the advancing invasion of creatures.

You also have to defeat their forces, fight the war, and acquire treasures that will offer you various rewards. These treasures will help you make your army stronger during the fight. You can explore more special characters, strengthen your security, and make your warriors stronger. Kingdom Wars feature different events that would uncover an age of endless colonial wars, where the virtual ruler wished of taking a palace, a region, or at least a few bonus rewards from an enemy.

As soon as you download the game, the flywheel of battle will not be halted. It’s worth taking a look at the immensity of the Battles of the Empire by becoming part of those impatient soldiers who just think of heading to victories.

Features of Kingdom Wars

  • Declare war against nearby countries or finish endless hours of missions as you reveal the hidden sides of Terria while controlling a permanent empire and economies with hundreds of many other participants.
  • You can make friends, communicate, build connections and, most of all, fight against the players from around the world, destroy their forces, and ruin their cities!
  • The numbers of micro-transactions also affect visual adjustments or access to premium material. But it doesn’t affect game data and gameplay engagement. All other tools are restricted to one-time access, to discourage others from taking the upper hand.
  • The Skirmish mode and Campaign mode are the different gaming modes of Kingdom Wars that raise the level of excitement and interest. These 2 modes are included for the players who want to explore different gaming styles.
  • This game also introduces a whole new level to the arena as you push the opposing entrance, climb the buildings, and put automatic protection devices, like rock tippers, heating oil, and wall-mounted slingshots.


Is Kingdom Wars free to download?

Yes, this game is available on official Play Stores and can be downloaded for free.

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