Johnny Trigger Mod Apk v1.12.3 (Unlimited Money)

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk v1.12.3 (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

Android 4.4 and up

Download Johnny Trigger Mod on Android for free to enter in the world of mafia and refine your shooting skills. Do you have what it takes to become a pro shooter?

Description Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger, a classy, lethal, and smooth as a billiard ball man who is on a never-ending mission to shoot his enemies out of his life. He lives by the rule “less words, more bullets” and shoots until all the enemies have bitten the dust.

In this fun shooting game, you will have to put on the shoes of Johnny Trigger and shoot whoever points a gun at you without thinking twice.

So, are you up for becoming the number # 1 shooter? Download Johnny Trigger right now!

Tips to play Johnny Trigger:

The game is fairly simple so you will easily figure out most of the things early in the gameplay yourself. But we still have some tips to make you excel in this game. Download Johnny Trigger right now to capitalize on the following tips!

  1. Watch out for tricks: There would be cases where it seems like reaching an opponent is impossible before getting shot. In those cases, you might want to look for other ways to shoot your enemies first. You can shoot a metal wall to ricochet your bullet or shoot a rope to drop a heavy object on your enemies. You gain extra points for such trick shots.
  2. Do not kill the innocent hostages: there would be some people crying for help. Do not shoot these innocent people. You will lose the level if you shoot them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is the game Johnny Trigger free?

Yes, it is free, but it includes in app purchases.

Is Johnny Trigger a safe game?

Yes, the game is completely safe for children above the age of 12.

Do I need Google play in my device for the Johnny Trigger?

Yes, you would require Google Play which is available on all Android device.


The game uses super crisp graphics and vision. It supports 2k resolution which gives you the ultimate gaming experience. The main character “Johnny Trigger” has a cartoonish look but has a fierce killer personality. Thus, allowing you to enjoy playing with a blend of cartoon character and stickman shooting.

Johnny Trigger also has super cool slow motion action clips that will make you want to play the game nonstop.

So, do you have what it takes to take down the whole mafia? Download Johnny Trigger right now to find out!

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk – Unlimited money (Free Download):

You can download the latest version of the game by downloading Johnny Trigger Mod Apk file.
Through this mod, you will be able to get the following things:

  1. Upgrade cool new outfits
  2. Upgrade any kind of firearms
  3. Avail unlimited money

You get all this for free. So, what are you waiting for? Download Johnny Trigger Mod Apk right now.

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