Golf Battle Apk v1.18.0

Golf Battle Apk v1.18.0

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Android 4.4 and up

Download Golf Battle Apk today and get unlimited coins/gems for free. It is a fantastic deal for all those passionate Golf players!


Golf Battle Apk is a game designed exclusively for intense gamers. Golf is a popular and unforgettable game in the gaming world. People who want to experience a golf tournament can give a chance for this game. It is designed and developed by a well-known leading sports production company called Miniclip. They have combined all the aspects that are required for a player to experience a world-class golf battle. With all great features, Golf Battle has gained popularity among sports enthusiasts.

Golf Battle Apk

You get a chance to challenge and play with real players all around the world. You can play 1v1 with your friend or even opt to group up to 6 Facebook playmates. Golf Battle Apk has simple and easy controls, which give you an intuitive gameplay experience. You can win your opponent and prove yourself king of Golf. You can play this game in two different ways,

  • Classic mode – is a relaxed mode where you can take your own time to reach the hole with the fewest shots.
  • Rush mode – is a fun-filled race mode where you have to rush to the goal in the fastest time possible.
    Play continuously to collect awesome rewards, unlock custom balls, and explore cool levels in the game. Some of the features of Golf Battle Apk are,
  • It is a multiplayer game; you can play up to 6 players online.
  • You can play with real players all around the world in 3d graphics.
  • Explore the game to unlock powerful golf gear and win prizes.
  • You can upgrade your clubs and level up to experience 50+ holes and levels.

Download Golf Battle Apk and start exploring Now!

Golf Battle Apk Gameplay

In a golf game, controlling the ball is very simple. It is similar to what you play in realtime only the efficiency of the play differs. If you are familiar with accuracy, force, and power, you are the King of Golf battle. All you should do is get the ball into the hole. You can take as many chances to reach the goal, lower the moves to get higher scores than your opponent.

The terrain differs as you keep progressing at different levels. There will be obstacles to stop you from reaching the hole. Play carefully to win money and upgrade the ball. You can upgrade your polish stick and unlock clubs by winning opponents and level-ups. Keep an eye on the panels as you will lose if you fly out of them. In this Golf Battle Apk, you can choose the basic model to practice and show your strength while competing with other players.

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