Gangstar Vegas v5.1.1a (Unlimited Money)

Gangstar Vegas v5.1.1a (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

Gameloft SE
Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features
- Vip Active
- Unlimited Diamond
- Unlimited Key
- Unlimited Point

Want to start a criminal empire? Or become a gangster in the city of sin? Download Gangstar Vegas mod APK to do whatever you wish in an open-world action-adventure video game set in Las Vegas.


Set in Las Vegas, the story revolves around Jason Malone, a mixed martial arts fighter recruited by a gangster after winning a fight. The gameplay physics and features are genuinely adapted from Grand Theft Auto. Moreover, the third-person shooting and open-world gameplay give players more control over the playing experience.

Many admired the game for its epic story and cool rewards. However, negative critics were more in this case. Many players complained about the laggy gameplay, animation, and frequent software updates.

Keeping everything aside, we indeed believe that this game is worth your time. Since it features such a captivating story, one should take full advantage of it. Additionally, the fact that it is set in the USA’s casino capital is a massive thrill for gamers everywhere.

How to play Gangstar Vegas?

  • Play as Jason Malone and build your way from MMA fighter to powerful gangster.
  • Discover new side quests.
  • Follow the story mode and start your gang empire now.
  • Fight your way through the rival gangs and also fight with other MMA superstars.
  • Gamble at some of the best casinos in the world and earn diamonds.
  • Collect enough diamonds to challenge rival bosses.
  • The online mode is even better. You have various quests to choose from, like gang wars, bank robberies, street racing, and underground fights. Moreover, you get to build your gang and progress from the very bottom.

Several software updates were added to Gangstar Vegas after its initial release. These new updates truly enhanced the gameplay and added new features for the gamers. Moreover, the players had access to additional story mode extensions and side quests. It truly made the game much more fun. Thus, most critics claim that the patches were worth it.

Features of Gangstar Vegas latest mod APK

  • VIP Active: This new mod brought to you by us is indeed breathtaking. We have added VIP features to it. Hence, players can go to the VIP of any casino in Vegas and gamble their hearts out.
  • Unlimited diamonds: Moreover, the feature of unlimited diamonds gives players much more free access. They can challenge high-level gangs and participate in elite races. Additionally, they may earn even more bank now.
  • Unlimited keys: The players also can have unlimited keys with Gangstar Vegas’ latest mod APK.
  • Unlimited points: The points earned by the player for each mission is also essential for the progression. Our mod gives you unlimited points, so the gameplay is even more enhanced for you.

For fans of third-person shooters, fighting, racing, and open-world gameplay, this is the perfect mobile title for you! Moreover, we have cross-platform play as well with this mod. Download the Gangstar Vegas mod APK unlimited money and diamonds now!

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