Car Parking Multiplayer APK v4.7.4

Car Parking Multiplayer APK v4.7.4

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Android 6.0 and up
Varies with device

Download car parking multiplayer 4.7.2 APK’s latest version for free today to get access to its premium features. Download Car Parking Multiplayer today and have an outstanding gaming experience!


When we think of a car parking game, a fixed perspective pops up in most of our minds, just a simple game where you have to park a car and progress through levels. But, this game defies these elements. It is one of the very few parking games that have an open-world concept. In total, the game has 82 real parking and driving challenges. You will get a clear gist of the game after you go through the features of the game.

Features of Car Parking Multiplayer

  • Open World Mode: There are many things you can do in this game, from free walking to competing against people by racing them, thanks to the open-world concept. There are also gas stations and car service stations in the game. Furthermore, you can exchange cars with fellow online players. Car Parking Multiplayer also lets you voice chat and have a friend list.
  • Car Customization: You can customize the cars with a lot of detail. For instance, you can adjust the wheel angle and the vehicle suspension. That is the amount of in-game detailing. Furthermore, you can swap engines, exhausts, and gearboxes. There is also visual auto-tuning for the body parts.
  • Additionally, there are around 100 cars with realistic interiors, 16 player skins, environments with great detail, and buildings with the well-defined interior. You can also choose from sports cars, vintage cars, pickup trucks, and many more.

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