Among Us APK v2020.11.17

Among Us APK v2020.11.17

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Innersloth LLC
Android 4.4 and up

Download the Among Us APK latest version for free now. Use your intelligence to kill the crewmates around you. Use your manipulative skills to win as an impostor.


Among Us is an arcade game developed by InnerSloth LLC. It is being played compulsively by kids and teenagers all over the world. Furthermore, it has taken the internet by storm with a massive amount of memes being posted. Streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook are filled with people playing Among Us with their friends.

We truly have an outstanding game with us to pass the time in this boring pandemic. With even the possibility of multiple game modes and challenges, you won’t get bored of Among Us so quickly.

Something’s not right here. A crew of 10 people is trapped in a spaceship with numerous tasks to correct their situation. Moreover, to make matters worse, there are a couple of traitors in the group. They will indeed try to eliminate the crew soon enough. Hence, they needed to be ejected from the spaceship at the earliest. Can you catch the impostor? Or will you die trying? Download the Among Us APK by Platinmods to see if you’re up for the challenge.

Features of Among Us APK Menu

Before you set your sights on other games, take a look at some of these unique features. Relax! There is not any impostor here. Just read along with the Among Us menu features and worry about that some other time.

  • Win the game by finishing the tasks, or you have to eject the impostors from the spacecraft successfully.
  • The impostors can sabotage and kill anyone. Thus, you will have to be on your toes, or fingertips in this case, at all times.
  • There is an Admin map which helps you take a look at the crewmates’ whereabouts. Or you can keep tabs on the security cameras.
  • Once dead bodies show up, start reporting them. Call emergency meetings and have a useful discussion with your friends. However, don’t vote out the wrong person. Think very carefully.
  • You can call meetings to discuss if any person is suspicious or not. Additionally, the report button alerts the other people to find a body and start discussing within your group.
  • As an impostor, don’t wait too long to start killing people. The crewmates can also win by finishing tasks even if they don’t suspect you.

You can witness many more features and modes within this game. Download the Among Us APK by Platinmods now and figure out new ways to tackle this epic game.

Graphics of Among Us APK

Although people don’t care for the game’s graphics, the developers have put a lot of thought into it. The graphics are pretty good and well designed for the game and the avatars are cute and unique. Moreover, the added pets, skins, and hats that you can choose for your character add more variety. Additionally, it is fun for players to select and style their characters correctly.

You can quickly point it out from other games after looking at the characters and objects’ design. Similarly, the animations also stand out a lot, such that the visuals themselves are so smooth. Among Us can run at 60 fps for a smooth experience. You can run through the map or do a task, and everything will seem seamless throughout the game.

How to Play Among Us APK

  • As a party game, it is not that difficult to understand or learn.
  • Ten crewmates are trapped in a spaceship, and there might be 1 or 2 traitors within them.
  • The crewmates have to finish tasks successfully or weed out the impostor(s) and eject them from the game to win.
  • The impostor(s), in turn, will try to eliminate all the crewmates in the spaceship by sabotaging and manipulating.
  • Use emergency meetings, security cameras, and admin maps to find the impostor.
  • Communication is an essential aspect of this game. The crewmates ideally should discuss within themselves the origin of suspicion at all times.
  • Moreover, use your brain and detective skills to play this game. Make sure you are not killed and at the same time, try to keep tabs on everyone around you.

Game-play Modes

There are various modes in which you can choose to play. The Among Us gives you access to play online or offline. You can play Among Us with people all around the world using public lobbies. Or you can play with your buddies in the same room using a LAN or the same WiFi connection.

You can also practice and play Among Us. A player can choose to play freely on the map of his/her choice.

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