Adventurous Hearts Apk v2.0.14

Adventurous Hearts Apk v2.0.14

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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Android 5.0 and up

Download Adventurous Hearts APK for free today to access many outstanding features of the game. All in all, it will help you have a fantastic gaming experience!


The game is specially designed for phones and tablets. Adventurous Hearts is one of the best dating simulation games you can get for Android. The game consists of three vibrant characters who will be fighting against evil. You have to save the world while navigating through the stormy waters of love! The game has a curious vibe to it, making the players feel like the world of Adventurous hearts is waiting for them!

There are three characters in Adventurous Hearts. Let’s start with Sion, the island of faith. This character is naive, ambitious, and has been traveling for a long time gathering special ingredients. Then, there is Rihanna, who is the island of peace. Tough and self-confident, she is your childhood friend who is always around you. Finally, there is Kiley, who is the island of Animals. Calm and relaxed, she prefers the company of animals over humans.

As this game is an anime dating simulation game, you have to build your relationship with the three main characters as you are progressing. Moving on, let’s see the top features of the game.


  • To begin with, Adventurous Hearts has addictive gameplay
  • You have to lead the three main characters to different parts of the world while you are fighting evil
  • The game has outstanding in-game sounds
  • The graphics are a notable part of the game if you look at it from an Anime game’s perspective
  • Furthermore, the best part of the game is that the players have to choose their destiny while battling evil and finding love in the game
  • You can play Adventurous Hearts online as well as offline

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