Pocket TV Mod Apk v1.1.0 (Ads Removed)

Pocket TV Mod Apk v1.1.0 (Ads Removed)

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Android 5.0 and up

Download the free Pocket TV Mod Apk for free and enjoy all of your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more absolutely free.



You must be fed up of all the hefty subscriptions and fees that you have to pay just to watch your favorite show. That’s a bit unfair, right because you’ll keep getting spoilers and eventually if you get your hands on a free version, all of your excitement would be spoiled.

Pocket TV Mod Apk provides the solution to all of your problems. It provides free and unlimited access to all TV shows by Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Name the show and select the language and we have got it all covered.

With its interactive and simple interface, Pocket TV makes sure you find your favorite show without any hassle.

Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, etc, all your heroes are waiting for you to just download Pocket TV.


  • Simplistic design with easy-to-access option placements
  • Extensive collection of well-categorized content from all times so you get to watch your taste up to the fill
  • Diversity in languages and TV shows without any limits of countries and ethnicities because when it comes to art, it has no boundaries.
  • Subtitles are another thing you get irritated about when you are not native in a particular language. Pocket TV provides subtitles in all your favorite languages. Just select yours and you are good to go
  • No compromises on picture and audio quality, am I right? Pocket TV has all the setting maxed up by default but if you are having network issues and still want to enjoy the show, you could even do it in low frames as well
  • Pre-download content feature enables you to download your next episode during the day so when you are free in the evening, you get a pause-free seamless viewing experience

Pocket TV FAQs

How much does the premium cost?

Actually, there are no charges because Pocket TV is absolutely free. Be logical, man. An app that has been solely designed to feature all of your favorite TV shows and movies from paid platforms will itself charge you separately? No way.

But wait a minute, what does the premium offer then? Pocket TV makes up by showing your ads and uses that to ensure that you get all your shows. The premium removes all those ads and provides you an ads-free experience.

What makes Pocket TV so special?

The biggest quality of Pocket TV is that its flexibility to adapt to the user’s mood. You want to watch content live without downloading, it can do that. You want to maintain your collection. Yes, Pocket TV allows you to do that. And it even has a feature to connect your phone to a TV or projecting device so you make no compromise on your entertainment.

Pocket TV Mod Apk Latest Version

You see mod has a purpose of its own as well. Aren’t you curious to know about it?
Well you should be. Mod provides the unlimited Pocket TV experience free. If that’s not enough, what else are you even looking for?

Features of the Mod

Ads Removed

Ads could be the most frustrating thing when using an app especially when you are doing some creative work but with the pocket TV Mod Apk, say goodbye to the unwanted ads and live an ads free life that as well for free.

Pocket TV Mod Apk Download

Pocket TV Mod Apk allows you to enjoy your spare time with all the liberty and without any fears of subscription expiry and a burden on your wallet. Get ready to have the time of your life with your beloved actors and actresses! Download Pocket TV Mod Apk now and get started.

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