Mbit Apk v5.2 (No WaterMark & Ads)

Mbit Apk v5.2 (No WaterMark & Ads)

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MBit Music Inc.
Android 5.0 and up

Download Mbit Apk today and use this app Without Watermark. If you are a photo freak and love to make videos and upload those short videos as WhatsApp status? Then, this is a perfect application for you.



Mbit Apk is one of the most popular applications that allows you to create videos. You can combine your favorite photos to make trending videos. This app features hundreds of the latest songs and effects like Dj flash, spectrum, Beat wise particle, wave music visualizer, and equalizer. You can use all these features and create 30 sec short videos and upload them as your WhatsApp status.

In Mbit Apk you can combine the music of your choice with your favorite photos. This app will help you create a lifelong memory. You can select pictures of special occasions like birthdays, get together, family functions, etc., and create videos. Sure these videos will give you the real experience of the event every time to look at it.

This Mbit Apk helps you create videos for your WhatsApp status; you can even share those videos with your friends. It will be the best editing tool for young budding YouTubers. You can even create your own YouTube channel and upload the videos you edit. You can use it as a source of income too.

Download the latest version of Mbit Apk now!

Mbit Apk

Mbit is a three in one app. You can use Mbit Apk as a ringtone maker, video status maker, or for HD wallpapers.

  • Ringtone maker – This app is the best for making ringtones. According to your mood, you can access 1000+ songs from various categories like love, sad, devotion, friendship, festivals, etc. Mbit Apk gives you free song selection in almost every language. Whether you are looking for English, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Islamic, or Marathi, you will find everything in one app. Just select them and use your favorite lyrics as a ringtone.
  • Video status maker – Mbit Apk is an efficient video maker with special editing features like spectrum, visualizer, equalizer, wave music, etc. You can combine photos with a soundtrack and create animated videos.
  • HD wallpapers – This app has a collection of HD wallpapers. You can select from 1000+ images, download them, and use them as wallpaper. Mbit Apk is a one-stop solution for 4K HD wallpapers.


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