FX Master APK v2.3

FX Master APK v2.3

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FX Master Lab
Android 5.0 and up

Downloading FX master APK, you can have unlimited access to all the premium features which could not be accessed without paying. Now edit your videos with the best editor in town.



If you download FX master, you can get access to a whole new World of videos and the effects that can be applied on them. FX master is already a very famous application having hundreds of effects. The only problem users face when they want to use this application is the subscription fee. The application offers a 3 day free trial and then the users have to pay.


  • FX master APK premium version will give you access to many astonishing and breathtaking effects which you can apply while making your own videos.
  • It will be just like making your own movie where you can have all the superpowers. You can use fire, lightning, ice etc. to make super cool videos.
  • One of the perks of having FX master application is that it helps users how to make videos. So if you are a beginner and have no idea how to use the application, there will be no problem for you. All you will have to do is select the effect you want to use in your video and then follow the instructions given to you. You keep following them and you will make an excellent video. Then you can save it and share it with your friends or family.


FX master is one of the best applications when it comes to graphics. This application allows users to create videos in high definition. The effects that are used to make different sorts of videos look as if they are real.


Which devices support FX master

FX master works on Android as well as iOS devices. The availability of this application on both types of devices is the reason why this application is so famous.

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